Riding Skills

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Riding a motorcycle is not like driving a car. The physicis involved with motorcycling are so complex and the risks so much higher that I compare riding more to flying a plane. And that comparison has been held up by some riders I know who are also pilots. Because of this, I feel it is important to acquire, practice, and perfect as many skills as possible. But besides increasing my safety, I get a deep satisfaction from executing these skills competently and confidently. To nail a corner just right, or find the perfect rhythm on a twisty backroad, gives me a feeling that's hard to beat. Below are some of the technical, mechanical, and psychological skills I've found that help me to be a better motorcyclist.

The Pace
Perhaps the single most important thing I could tell a fellow motorcyclist of any experience level is to understand what is known as "The Pace". It's a riding technique that emphasizes control, visibility, and positioning to maximize safety and smootheness. Many of the best riders I know have developed it in some form on their own over years and years of riding, but it's also been put into words by Nick Ienatsch in an article for Motorcyclist magazine.




Group Riding


Physics & Mechanics