Ride Journals

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These ride journals began as a way for me to remember and keep track of the places I've gone and the people I've met. They also serve as photo albums and retrospectives for the folks that I've shared these experiences with. They are written from a personal perspective, as they are intended to be read by friends, family and fellow riders (though most likely, I'll be the only one reading them!), but I'd also like to think they might provide a little information and a few grins for anyone else who might happen by. Feel free to send me a note to let me know what you think, or just to talk about one of the rides.

Annual Rides / Rallies

Canaday Camp-Out
Salem, MO
CCO 2003
CCO 2005

Copper Country Cruise
Houghton, MI
CCC 2003
CCC 2004
CCC 2005
CCC 2006

Missouri Motorcycle
Camp & Tour

Salem, MO
MMCT 2002
MMCT 2003
MMCT 2004
MMCT 2005
MMCT 2006

Wildcat Mountain Rally
Westby, WI
Wildcat 2001
Wildcat 2002
Wildcat 2003
Wildcat 2004
Wildcat 2005
Wildcat 2006

Extended Rides
Crane, MO
B4K 2001

Cabin in the Hills
Cabin 2006 - Blue Ridge, GA
Cabin 2007 - Dillsboro, NC

Mighty Mack
Mackinaw City, MI
Mack 2001

Pure Stodge
Touring Association

North Liberty, IA
PSTA 2001

Wisconsin Motorcycling
WIMoto 01
WIMoto 02
Spring Fling '07

Local Rides
Galena, IL - 9/2007