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These are the machines we haved owned in the past and currently ride, and a few of the bikes at the top of my wish list. If it were up to me, the wish list would be a lot smaller and the list of bikes we own would be a lot longer, but the voice of reason - that sounds a lot like my wife - often reminds me that our money could be spent on other food and shelter.

Current Bikes

2002 Kawasaki ZZR1200
2002 Kawasaki ZZR1200 I bought this bike in late April of 2005 as a present to myself to celebrate completing my Master's degree and getting a new job. I had been looking for a sport-touring rig to compliment my Virago. While looking for a Yamaha FJR1300, I came across this and fell in love. It's a fantastic long distance ride and will do anything I ask of it. This is the bike I used to complete the Iron Butt Association's SaddleSore 1000, riding nearly 1,100 miles from Georgia to Minnesota in just over 18 hours.

1998 Yamaha XV1100 Virago
1998 Yamaha XV1100 This bike was purchased in June of 2000 to fill the void that was left when I sold my first bike several years earlier in order to pay for a summer at college. I was looking for a cruiser style, that I could still have some fun on. This bike fit the bill perfectly. In addition, I was introduced to some really amazing people while visiting Internet groups dedicated to the Virago

1972 Honda CL350 Scrambler
1972 Honda CL350 When I was looking for a winter project in 2001, my in-laws mentioned that they had an old motorcycle sitting in their barn. It had been left behind by a farm hand 20 years earlier and hadn't been touched since. Within a few weeks it was in parts, and over the next few months was reduced to nuts and bolts before being rebuilt back to running shape. Of course, I wrote all about it in a project journal.

Previous Bikes

1993 Yamaha XJ600 Seca II
1993 Yamaha Seca II This was my wife's bike and was purchased accidentally. It was just sitting in the local cycle shop while I was in for some parts. My wife had gotten her motorcycle license a couple years earlier, and the moment I saw this bike I realized that she needed a more realiable bike to learn on than the old Scrambler I had rebuilt. The price was too good to pass up so after a quick test ride it was on it's way home to my garage.